National Asset Protection Agency is a full service property preservation and inspection company based out of Tampa, Florida with an additional office in Waterville, Maine. With an extensive group of vendors as well as field employees, we currently manage over 50,000 assets combined in the following states: Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Vermont. We also provide emergency services to rental homes covering the state of Florida. Clients consist of banks, investment groups, real estate agents and non-profit organizations.



To create partnerships and provide leadership that result in successful business ventures, thriving in residential communities, and enriching a work environment that serves the property preservation industry like no other.


Core Beliefs

  • Integrity and compassion are mandatory for business success.
  • It is worthwhile to develop employees, both personally and professionally, so they may grow and so they may exceed industry standards. 
  • Accountability is a key component of both life and business.
  • The goals and objectives of all our stakeholders are valuable. They include: our employees, business partners, clients, vendors, and suppliers—as well as, property owners, government agencies, regulators, and lenders. 
  • Success for our stakeholders leads to our success.
  • Every project is worth taking ownership of.
  • Bold pursuit of our mission and vision is central to our success.



Our Team