When you have foreclosed real estate properties and you need to get them to marketability, we will provide the exact services you need to make that happen—whether it be inspection, preservation, or quality control—affordably and quickly.

We understand the importance of accurate, up-to-date information regarding property condition and occupancy status, that’s why we offer every type of inspection your property might need. Frequent inspections highlight issues and damages early on, which reduces costs, time commitment, and difficulty of repair. Here are a few of our main inspection services:


Property Condition Inspection

We provide you with a simple, clear avenue to have your property inspected to determine damage, potential hazards, find needed repairs, and more.

Occupation Inspection

We simplify your responsibilities to meet lender and government requirements by regularly evaluating properties to ensure they’re vacant. 


Disaster Inspection

When you get hit with a natural disaster, we send a trained professional out to determine the full extent of the damage so you can know how to move forward with the property.

REO Check Inspection

This complete inspection informs you of the best and worst of what your property has to offer.


Insurance Loss Inspection

Upon loss, we quickly set up appointments with homeowners to evaluate the extent of damages and what needs to be done to repair the property. 

Insurance Inspection

We work with your insurance company and provide an inspection to evaluate the age and functionality of the electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing, and roof systems of your property.


Sale Date Inspection

We provide contact inspections on specific dates to inform us of occupancy condition, which allows us to know whether eviction is necessary or whether property preservation work can begin.

Letter Delivery Service

When you need to get ahold of occupants, we’ll gladly step in to help by delivering specific documents to the property and give you photo documentation of it.


Due Diligence Inspection

Teams of two with expertise in diverse fields complete thorough walk-throughs to assess and summarize each part of your property and then create a plan to move forward for the property.

Photo Service

Drive-by inspections give you the opportunity to briefly assess the status of a property when basic information is needed and contact with the tenant is not necessary.


Property Condition Report

Expert architects, engineers, and building inspectors evaluate the condition of the building to understand what must be done to repair your property.

QC Compliance Inspection

We make sure your properties meet the important quality standards they need to—from insuring proper signage to making sure such events, like open houses, happen as planned.

 Property security is the foundation of our asset protection services and is the primary goal of all the properties we maintain. We make sure the property is secure from the start and then we’ll monitor it and continue with inspections until the project is done. This includes many services, but a few of the main ones include: 


Securing/Initial Rekeys

When properties are left vacant, we secure them by changing exterior door locks, posting emergency contact information, and more as needed.

Debris/Trash Removal

We’ll send in a team to clean the interior and exterior of your property, including hazardous materials, to make sure it is free from clutter and begins to look great again.


Initial Lawn Cut

We’ll make sure that your property is mowed, weed-eated, edged; that your beds are weeded; that your shrubs are trimmed; and that all clippings are removed accordingly.


When necessary, we meet with local law enforcement to evict, rekey, and manage possessions in accordance with your state laws.


Cash for Keys

As soon as a date is planned, we meet with former tenants to trade funds for keys in order to secure your property for future use by changing locks.

Sales Clean

When it’s time for new tenants to move-in to your property, we have it cleaned in preparation—everything from vacuuming and mopping to cleaning appliances and refreshing bathrooms. 



We help deter vagrancy and vandalism by removing broken and damaged glass and secure all doors and windows that are broken or missing.


To make sure your home is maintained well throughout the winter months, we’ll flush your water lines and drain all appliances of water—and include antifreeze when necessary.


Personal Property Handling

Per client request and in accordance with state and local laws, we collect and/or dispose of all personal items left on the property.

Pool Maintenance

We send in qualified contractors to test the water in your pools, clean the pool area, and repair what needs be fixed. 


Municipal Code Compliance

We maintain constant contact with you and enforcement officials to make sure all issues are up-to-date and being taken care of on an as-needed basis.

Vacant Property Registration

Based on your city, we’ll help you meet the proper requirements for registering your vacant property. 


We have dedicated resources focused on quality control inspections to make sure things get done the right way the first time around. Our unique method of providing these services sets us apart from others in our industry, due to our careful selection of our vendors, the meticulous care we place in every property, and the value we place in every client relationship.